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Who we are
Founded in 2006, South Asian Pharmaceutical Council Inc. (SAPC) is a nonprofit, mission-driven mentoring and networking organization committed to facilitating connections with leaders and industry peers while working to enhance health access and outcomes across South Asia. SAPC organizes events and volunteer opportunities, facilitates mentorship, and is deeply invested in the growth of and connection between our members.
“SAPC harnesses the passion and dedication of the professionals in the pharmaceutical industry to elevate our members and make a positive impact on access to health care for those in need around the world.”
Mark J. Stevens
SAPC Founder
SAPC Charitable Foundation Inc
SAPC CFI is a federally registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to harness the energy of South Asians in the pharmaceutical industry across the USA who support initiatives that improve health care around the world.
There are many ways to get involved with SAPC. Join us for our next Networking and Keynote event or fundraising gala, or make a difference by volunteering.
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Our Upcoming Events
SAPC organizes events throughout the year to support our mission and our members. Join us for one of our upcoming Networking and Keynote events or the next fundraising gala.